Avoid online scams

Information, tips and advice to help tackle the so-called ‘Ukash Virus’ and other online scams

Ukash has joined forces with leading police authorities and anti-malware partners to create this advice hub. Our aim is to help you remove ransomware from your computer – in particular, the so-called ‘Ukash Virus’.

Although one of the payment options demanded is Ukash, the virus is not connected to Ukash as a company. Ukash was created to provide a safe and secure payment method for consumers to spend cash online. Visit the Ukash website here.

This international criminal ransomware scam – which locks your computer and displays a police or security notification asking you to pay a fine - has been named the ‘Ukash Virus’, ‘Metropolitan Police Virus’, ‘Strathclyde Police Virus’ and many other names around the world.

We hope you find this information hub useful and welcome any feedback on additional ways we can help prevent others from falling victim to this scam.

More than 160,000 people in England, Scotland and Wales are to be contacted by their local authority about how...

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